Advanced Communications Testing Applications is an SME founded in October 2002 in Athens Greece. Our expertise and experience are, as a provider and integrator of long-term performance analysis monitoring solutions as well as ad-hoc network measurements. Focus is on Telecoms, IT, Electronics and EMF & EMC technologies. Present in Southeast Europe.


ACTA’s key competence is in

  1. Performance monitoring solutions for telecommunication network KPIs
  2. EMF s/w application, that collects and analyzes measurements from several types of ElectroMagnetic Field monitoring stations and
  3. Zero-touch provisioning (TR-069) CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) management solution, with security improvement and threat mitigation via fast and massive CPE upgrades. Currently in 2 Horizon2020 EC funded projects, 5G-TOURS & 5G-HEART, utilizing 5G-EVE 5G-pilot network for Verticals.

Typical customers of ACTA are Telecom Operators, Integrators and Manufacturers, Utility companies, Universities, Research Laboratories, Regulators and Enterprises providing test and measurement solutions for a wide range of technologies with greater focus on optical, mobile, radio and access networks.

ACTA has provided transmission performance monitoring solutions to Telecom Operators in Greece. Based on ACTA’s KPI Management & Validation Platform and HW probes. Collected data help in Operations and Capacity Planning. Raw data, aggregated according to physical network medium, manufacturer, demographics.

ACTA participates in two Horizon2020 European Commission Horizon 2020 funded projects, 5G TOURS and 5G HEART in partnership with SMEs, universities and telecom providers from France, Norway, Italy, UK, Spain, Netherlands, and Greece. During these projects ACTA employs state-of-the-art measurement and testing equipment for 5G network performance analysis, in order to validate the network capabilities in the setup phase, as well as measure the actual performance during operation.

The Greek National EMF Observatory Application (sw suite) collects measurements from several types of ElectroMagnetic Field (EMF) monitoring stations. ACTA was a significant member of the development team. The system also manages the EMF monitoring network, performing station alarms collection, remote configuration, collected data integrity check, etc. All variety types of NARDA STS stations/probes are supported. The solution is currently deployed at the Greek EMF Regulator Authority (Greek Atomic Energy Commission EEAE, ), covering over 550 stations across the country. It provides scientific evidence on the exposure of the public, thus, promoting a healthier environment, with continuous and reliable monitoring of the compliance of the reference EMF limits of safe exposure of the public to high-frequency electromagnetic fields. The public also has access to its data through a mobile App. The system is also installed and used by the Romanian EMF Authority (ANCOM, ). The site presents the EMF levels measured in Romania and compares them with the reference levels imposed by the national regulations in force. It is available to the public. Finally, it is used the EMF Authority of Paraguay (CONATEL,

The EMF software is currently further developed to support measurements of 5G network radiation.

ACTA has deployed a zero-touch provisioning (TR-069) CPE management solution, with security improvement and threat mitigation via fast and massive CPE upgrades, in three Greek Telecom Operators. Platforms are further developed and future thought is in TR-181, TR-369 and upcoming User Services Platform-USP.

Target interests

ACTA Ltd is interested in cooperating, in EC RnD, calls with other parties that focus on optical, mobile, radio and access networks. Special focus is on the technology areas of monitoring sensors, electromagnetic fields (EMF) monitoring (EMF exposure and health), 5G – IoT, edge computing.

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