The 1st InfoCom Smartphones & Apps Conference


“The only way is… App!”

The 1st InfoCom Smartphones & Apps Conference will take place at Divani Caravel Hotel, in Athens on Wednesday, February 2nd 2011.
 The outstanding popularity of smartphones that have already taken over 25% of the market and the instant growth on the share they hold (166% over the last quarter) bring to perspective a new ecosystem that has evolved.
Apple with iOs was followed by Google with Android, Nokia with ovi, Microsoft with Windows Phone 7 and Nokia with bada. A brand new world is born: The world of applications. New business models, new approaches, new technologies, new challenges and new opportunities are created as it is profound that applications are here to stay, being used not only on mobiles but on TV and all compatible devices.
 The four pillars of this new ecosystem (i.e. Devices, operating systems, applications and networks) support the structure of the new developing economy that provides solutions to escape from the much discussed crisis. This is exactly what this Conference declares: The only way is… App!
 The Sessions of this years’ conference are:
1st Session: Brave New Apps World
During this session, manufacturers of Smartphones are asked to analyze their strategy and expected outcomes, based on the experience they have gained until now, the targets they have set, as well as the synergies they aim to establish. At the same time, representatives of the mobile networks that play such a significant role as channels through which data is supplied to the end user, as well as through the retail expansion, will argue on this role they already maintain in the ecosystem as well as the role they aim to have.
 2nd Session: Let’s make an App
Spokespeople from the basic operation platforms (Apple OS, Android, Windows Phone 7, ovi και bada), will develop the strong points of each OS and will state their proposals on business models applicable to independent developers. They will present with the customization and development capabilities provided by each platform, as well as the registration and certification processes for applications, which is information much needed for developers when it comes to choosing the platform they wish to develop upon.
On a demonstration, distinguished developers are asked to develop live, or use screenshots to show the exact procedure for creating a simple application so as to provide the audience with the differences or the similarities found, since in the future, everything will operate in multiple platforms.
 3rd Session: Show me Your App
It’s developers’ time to take the stand! These are the ones who “feed” the smartphone ecosystem and provide App Stores and Smartphone screens with applications. During this session, developers are asked to show the steps needed to be followed in order to make an application out of an idea. They will present with case studies and success stories that have already set an example.
 4th Session: Show me the money!
The previous sessions will provide with the arguments to discuss the much anticipated topic: business models and synergies. Executives operating on the various aspects of the market will discuss the perspective of the new found ecosystem.
 Apps Land!!!
During the 1st InfoCom Smartphones & Apps Conference, entrepreneurs implicated in the new ecosystem will have a chance of an “face to face” contact, where developers and software companies will display the solutions and proposals they have developed on specialized products, as well as in business and solution approaches they have established
The Organizing comitte of the Conference aims to develop the first interactive environment in Greece, within which the four pillars of the Smartphones and Applications ecosystem can interact in real terms and so create a healthy and profitable basis.
 Smartphones & Apps Awards
During the 1st InfoCom Smartphone & Apps Conference, the Organizing Committee will award companies and private entrepreneurs that have distinguished over their creativity and have contributed in the development of technology and market.
InfoCom Smartphone & Apps Conference is organized by Smart Press SA, one of the most distinguished publishing companies in Greece, when it comes to Media emphasizing on the ICT market. Smart Press SA organized the most outstanding telecommunications event in South East Europe (, publishes “Kiniti Thlefonia & Tilepikoinonies”, “Info-Com”, “Digital Life” & “Mobile Life” Magazines and runs & websites.