2nd InfoCom Apps Conference

Devices-OSs-Applications-Networks Developing the New Internet!

The 2nd InfoCom Apps Conference for Smartphones, Tablets and Applications will take place at Athens Divani Caravel Hotel, on Tuesday, February 21st 2012.

The conference is under the auspices of the Deputy Ministry of Convergence and Electronic Governance, the Special Secretariat for Digital Planning, the Union of Mobile Operators, the International Advertizing Bureau and the Hellenic Association of Mobile Application Companies.

Applications, together with the surrounding ecosystem Smartphones & Tablets have gained solid foundations, up to the point that are the first strategic choice and creating a trend in consumer electronics, by re-inventing the way we use the Internet.

Application development and usage, increases in exponential volume. For example within one week in December 2011, users around the world downloaded 1 billion applications, setting a milestone that will be surpassed many times within the year 2012. In technologically advanced countries, data and application usage has already exceeded the usage of voice and text.

At the same time, the ecosystem around applications, advance and expand, increasing the interaction between its members. Another trend around this ecosystem is that it incorporates other aspects of entrepreneurship, such as marketing and advertising, as well as new fields, such as Smart TVs and Smart Homes.

2nd InfoCom Apps Conference aims to become, once again, the meeting point of all market players: operators, manufacturers, developers, platforms, investors, marketing agencies, smartphone and accessories makers, media, marketing- sales executives, consultants, etc.

The 2nd InfoCom Apps Conference Sessions will be as follows:

Session 1: Smart it All!

Mobile operators, will be asked to present their strategy on applications, smartphones and tablets, as well as the level of their implication in the new environment.

During the same session, smart devices (smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, etc) manufacturers will show the potential on connectivity and interaction in a connected world with the emphasis placed on mobility and users.

Session 2: Apps for Business

 During the 2nd session, large companies and institution will be asked to present their experience on implementing mobile applications in their field of work or suggest innovative approaches that exploit modern technology by using applications as means of functionality, marketing, productivity and development.

Session 3: It’s an AppWorld!

The main core of 2nd InfoCom Apps Conference, could be nothing other, than developers and their applications. In this session, developers will have the chance to present their applications, as well as how these change the way we learn, work, get entertained and informed.

Session 4: Apps as a Business

The last session of the Conference will host an open discussion between market executives, institutions, investors and business consultants who will analyze the facts and figures of creating a successful business model in the AppWorld.

The challenge is that, although the current economic climate, promotes innovation, it also creates a contradiction. Large business schemes avoid creating risks and are cautious to engage to innovative projects, which often means missing the opportunities. On the other hand, independent developers using small and flexible business schemes, seek capital boost to go from concept to practice.

Each of these aspects of entrepreneurship, by trying alone to make a business breakthrough may not be entitled to keep high hopes. On the contrary, a combination may produce a business hybrid of low risk and high added value. This is exactly the aim of the conference: to create all the necessary synergies by bringing innovation to entrepreneurship.

Apps Land!!!

2nd InfoCom Apps will provide for interaction between the participants, as there will be exhibition booths, for the sponsors in the hall foyer. There will be enough space to make business contacts and endless networking opportunities. Developers and software companies will demonstrate their solutions and suggestions, both in specialized needs as well as more general business models and approaches.

Apps Lab!

In a specialized hall, for a limited number of participants, Apps Lab will take place, within the context of the 2nd InfoCom Apps Conference. Official languages of this section will be: Java, C, C++, Objective-C, NET, etc.

Smartphones & Apps Awards

 During the 2nd InfoCom Apps Conference, the Organizing Committee will award companies and individuals who have excelled in creativity and contributed to the advancement of the market and technology.

InfoCom Apps (www.infocomapps.gr) is organized by Smart Press, one of the leading publishing companies in Greece as far as technology media is concerned, emphasizing in digital technology. Smart Press organizes the largest and most important Telecommunications conference in SE Europe (www.info-com.gr) , publishes “Mobile Telephony & Telecommunications” , “Info-Com”, “Digital Life” and “Mobile Life” magazines and also administers www.myphone.gr, www.digitallife.gr, www.infocom.gr, www.weeklytelecom.gr websites.