Thursday 4 May 2017 – Athens, Divani Caravel

«Mobile Now: Living the day, the Smart Connected Way!»

The world around us is changing. The way we live, work and move in the city, changes… We are at an age when mobile communications and IoT tend to converge, creating a wondrous connected world! New challenges and opportunities arise from 5G and the 4th Industrial Revolution, creating many parallel ecosystems that will affect all markets, and every aspect of our lives.

1st Session: Me and my Smart Mobility – The Connected Ecosystem!

A mobile device is the number one object that connects directly to its owner. In truth, it’s our extension, not only in the digital world anymore, but in everyday life as well. From down-to-basics personal communication, to its function as a digital ID for hundreds of applications, each person’s device integrates -on some degree- our own existence. IoT’s gradual integration in even more aspects of our lives, combined with a phone’s unique IP address, becomes our ID in all kinds of digital applications. In the management of energy and home appliances, bank transactions, information, entertainment, and the creation of personal profiles that execute automated functions, as we enter an area, new consumer applications are constantly being developed, aiming to make our daily lives easier.

Even though users’ eyes only meet their phones, it’s the cloud at the core of the entire ecosystem. Thousands of small, large and huge servers, which receive, process and export information that users will request or send, with just a few finger gestures on their device screens.

The ultimate definition of personalized mobility are wearables. Besides fitness gadgets, that gradually evolve into e-health devices, we also see several implementations that either integrate a user ID and function as an access key, or create an environment of Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality, on the verge of science fiction.

2nd Session: Smart Connected Business – The IoT world

Introduction of interconnected devices, as time goes by, create an ecosystem that produces interactions, changing the way in which we manage our environment. From the inside of a Smart Home, in which meters and sensors receive and send information, to remote surgery and robotics, there is a common denominator: Data that moves with speed and security, either to turn a washing machine on, or to stop a bleeding with robotic forceps. Of course, when it comes to mobile applications, the Connected Car has now its own privileged place, raising security and comfort to a new level!

From the not so distant reality of self-driving cars, to e-calls today, our loyal daily companion has its own mobile substance, which allows it to communicate autonomously with the manufacturer, receive updates and information, and its systems up to date, while notifying the user about their status. The popular quote: “knowledge is power”, is now more relevant than ever. In Digital Transformation, increasing productivity is the goal, though there are many side benefits. For example, data analysis creates a core of knowledge, around which a new form of artificial intelligence is built, that constantly evolves, fueled by new sources of data.

Transportation & logistics, e-shopping, visiting areas, as well as many other useful open data, can be exported for multiple uses, from e-business and marketing to crisis management. For now, only network providers have access to this huge, but rather underestimated volume of information, that comes from the mobile devices of their subscribers. On a global level, it’s estimated that they could increase their revenue by 47 billion dollars, by producing both for themselves and other companies, usable information that comes from data analysis.

3rd Session: Smart Connected Cities – The future is now!

High-speed and large-capacity networks, evolve in a lifeline that connects objects and people on a unified interactive network of actions and split-second decisions, creating an umbrella of services without limits.

The otherwise futuristic prediction for building smart cities, is now reality, and the concept of a social thread interwoven with technology, now switches dimensions, getting real substance. Telecom networks are now as necessary as irrigation and electricity. Already, some municipalities in Greece have taken their first steps in digital infrastructures, and could set an example for everyone else.

Even though transportation remains at the core of urban functions, in-depth digital reform comes through a fully interactive connection between public service networks. That includes partitioning energy reserves depending on demand, control of the irrigation network for preventing and isolating leaks, making optimal use of heat detectors for pinpointing fire points of origin, placing sensors in parking spots, and hundreds of other applications in a variety of sectors, like public safety, tourism, etc.


Essentially, it’s all a matter of scale, as most applications already work on a personal, home or municipal level, and could simply interconnect to exchange data, without necessarily having to create new infrastructures from scratch. At the end of the day, we are not very far from an age when we can talk about a city as a single entity that runs through every aspect of our lives, adjusting its functions depending on circumstances, and changing those, depending on needs.

Mobile Connected World Workshops

During the 7th Mobile Connected World, we’ll hold a series of themed workshops that cover specialized aspects of App Development, Mobile Marketing, etc., providing participants with experience they can use.

Sponsor companies’ expo

Like every year, during the 7th Mobile Connected World conference, there will be an expo for sponsor companies, providing visitors with an opportunity to contact businesses in our country, active in mobile services and solutions, in order to keep up to date, “face to face”, with all news about the industry and their activities.

Visitor participation in the conference is free