General Information & Organization:

If you have any questions regarding the organization of the the Infocom Mobile & Apps Conference, that have not been answered in this website, contact us at (Mr Dimitris Massas, tel +30 210 5230000, +30 210 5201500 or +30 697.98.63.163)
Press office
If you are a member of the Press and have questions not answered at the “Press Office” section of this website, you can contact Mr. Vaggelis Xanthakis by email at or by mobile at +30 6934351000
 Sponsorship & Commercial Information
If you are a Sponsor or have questions regarding the Commercial aspect of the Infocom Mobile & Apps Conference, you can contact Mr.  Dimitris Massas   by email at d.massas@smartpress.gror by mobile at +30 697.98.63.163.