Live, Create & Share!

The 3rd Mobile Smartphones, Tablets and Applications Conference “InfoCom Mobile & Apps” ( will be held at the Divani Caravel Hotel, in Athens, on February 6, 2013.
The conference is under the auspices of the Ministry of Development, Competitiveness, Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Electronic Governance, EETT, EEKT and SEKEE.
The effects of mobile in our daily lives is fully expressed by the theme of this year’s 3rd InfoCom Mobiles & Apps: Live, Create & Share. The conference is now well established in the market as a meeting point of reference, creative development and exchange of views between the pillars of the ecosystem and the Mobile Apps. Especially this year, completing 20 years of mobile coincides with a series of major developments (exponential growth of data traffic, more M2M applications, m-health, m-commerce, etc.), but with the explosion of smartphones and of tablets, the sessions are extended to cover the widest range of market sectors.
The aim of the 3rd Conference InfoCom Mobiles & Apps is to highlight the contribution of Mobile Telephony in development, productivity and creating a new way of life, but also its role as a key pillar of growth of the new economy and the key to exit the crisis.
At the same time, focusing on the market for Apps, the Conference aims to highlight the new trend of convergence which has exceeded the limits of wireless communications of smartphones and tablets and has expanded not only in TVs (smart TVs), but almost the entire range of consumer electronics. This is a trend that creates new opportunities and brings a broader ecosystem several different companies that develop, provide or utilize existing and new applications such as interactive ‘tool’ work in the information, advertising, promotion or sale.
The 3o InfoCom Mobiles & Apps going to be yet for another year the meeting point of the market: mobile networks, handset manufacturers, developers, platforms, investors, advertisers, manufacturers and sellers of accessories, media, marketing and sales
executives, consultants and startupers expected to empower the “present.”
The sessions of the 3rd Conference InfoCom Mobile & Apps are:
Session 1: 1993-2013: 20 Years of Mobile – 20 years evolution
The representatives of the mobile networks and manufacturers are invited to talk about the present and the future, their strategy, applications, new smartphones, tablets and the powerful new hybrids that utilize the best of every kind of applications so as to prove becomes more useful to its holder.
Networks, and mobile manufactures provide the means any mobile device can offer experience. The three providers, we will expose the extent of their involvement with the ecosystem of applications and new practices to be adopted in order to meet the increasing needs for more content, better communication, richer information and more efficient work, which cumulatively translated in ever greater demand data.
Session 2: Business Apps. Enterprise Mobility & Apps
During the second section, the main reason they have businesses and organizations already have adopted applications that support the functionality and business development, or they have to offer new, innovative approaches to the much wider range of longer use applications as catalyst for entrepreneurship.
Applications emerge now “tools” to increase productivity, achieve the objectives of marketing, but also the application of new methodologies in the taskbar. And perhaps, than he heard, to answer the “burning” question: at what stage is the adoption in Greece and what developers expect business applications …
 Session 3: Developing (Apps) World!
In this section, the pitch is delivered to the creators. The core of the 3rd InfoCom Apps, could not be other than presentations of developers! Companies or Individuals who develop applications that we use, will have the opportunity to show us their creations both already present in the network ‘branches’ of the various functions, and how these applications affect how we work, entertain, informed and choose what we.
 Session 4: Money makes the apps go round!
When talking about the ecosystem, value added, investment, design, research and development, the essence is nothing more than business profit, which aims to every current or aspiring entrepreneur.
But … is it really safe and no clear path to it, and what are the steps you need to follow an idea to develop into a business? wonder, creating applications is inextricably linked with a start up?
And yet, chooses to create as our Free, Premium or Fremium? What is the model that connects the downloads with revenue? valued, ultimately, the business risk? And it is, finally, Greece is the place for entrepreneurship to flourish?
There are many questions … The guests of the final section will be invited to give their own answers and help participants in the directions to get themselves and their companies, henceforth.
Apps Labs
Under the 3rd InfoCom Mobiles & Apps organized this year there will be also Apps Labs. In particular space and limited number of attendees, delegates can attend specific practices that apply to all users with appropriate technical knowledge, who know very well that the last thing we see in an application is the result.
Mobile & Apps Awards
The 3rd Conference InfoCom Mobile & Apps will be completed with the award on behalf of the Organizing Committee awards the products, companies and individuals who have excelled for their creativity, contributing to the development and evolution of the market and technology, the year gone by.